Numerous flow has been noted in identifying vulnerable attack paths on a system utilizing Active Directory with many different methods and techniques. During this assessment, we’ll analyze a couple of Tools and Techniques, which are remodelled strategy for Active Directory assessment. We’ll analyze various methodologies to Find and exploiting/patching attack paths in your Active Directory environment. It finds relationships and connections within the targeted Active Directory (AD) domain to discover attack paths vectors.

It accomplished these tasks by utilizing the graph theory to locate the shortest path vector for an attacker or malicious user to traverse and access the…

Even though we routinely use computer application to play out our everyday Task, not many of us know or will, in general, consider the ramifications of how this software is built, and any shortcomings it may be vulnerable as it starts execution.

But hackers and cyber-criminals use various tools and methods to target applications once they are up and ready to execute. there is a possibility to compromise certain functions of software when it’s called up to execute the task from an index, or by clicking on an icon. …

vssadmin.exe is an internal process-related with Microsoft® Windows® Operating System from Microsoft Corporation.

Vssadmin is a default Windows process that controls volume shadow duplicates of the documents on a given PC. These shadow copies are regularly utilized as a recovery point, and they can be utilized to reestablish or return the file to a past state if they are destroyed or lost due to some reasons. Vssadmin is usually utilized by the backup utility and system admins.

As many malware authors provoke an attempt to delete them so that their victims can’t restore file access by restoring to the shadow…

You might have heard about YARA rules, it is an open-source tool for detecting and reversing hashes of arbitrary files and directories on an end system. And the thing about that is that the result of executing the rules via a regular command line is a perfectly nice file inclusion detector. It’s an extremely powerful tool

YARA rules are a method for distinguishing malware (or files) by making decides that search for specific qualities. YARA was initially created by Victor Alvarez of Virustotal and is mostly utilized in malware research and location. …

Jarvis is a Norman French surname (last name) linked to Saint Gervasius.
Its Latin meaning is “He who is skilled with a spear.”

Jarvis was a basic and fun box. I’ll begin by finding an SQLi in one of the site pages and get a fundamental shell utilizing sqlmap and afterwards sidestep a channel on a sudo record to get to the client banner. To get to the root, I’ll misuse a suid paired to acquire root shell

This is a writeup for the Jarvis machine



The primary activity is to figure out what services are running on the objective IP address by executing Nmap against IP.

A PDF (Portable Document Format) is an electronic document introduced by Adobe. It is fundamentally used to distribute finishing up variant of reports on the Internet, by email or on other platforms. Its fundamental reason for existing is to show or print reports with a fixed design. The PDF configuration may likewise be utilized to make various reports.

A PDF can be weaponized by a malicious actor and can act without any user interaction, and only by opening a file. …

Every day thousands of malware are released online malware wants to stay hidden during infection and operation to prevent removal and analysis, this Malware achieves this using many techniques to bypass detection one of the method is obfuscation this method can be used to cover filename/signature, changing the malware attributes or other methods, it can also be defined as a practice of making something difficult to understand.

Lets Start!

An attacker will typically employ file-less Malware like Shellcode(a piece of binary data that is meant to be executed by a process) to avoid detection but modern Anti-virus engines are much smarter at…

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