Bloodhound and Active Directory fortifying mechanism

  • Misconfigurations that could allow further compromise, such as lack of SMB signing.
  • Password policies
  • Opportunities for lateral movement via misconfigurations of remote access policies and UAC
  • Privilege Assignment
  • Sessions
  • ACL’s
  • Unconstrained delegation
  • Shorten paths to domain admins
  • Computer’s name
  • Group’s name
  • Domain’s name
  • Wave — The number speaking to the request where this hub was possessed (ex: 1, 2, 3, etc.)
Fig-1: Representation of connection to nodes.
Fig-2: Representation of the shortest attack path defined using Bloodhound.
Fig-3: Vulnerable system path identification
Fig-4: Admin and Member vulnerable path.
Fig-5: Custom query tab
  • Find Shortest Paths from claimed hub to Domain Admins: Same as the “Find Shortest Paths to domain Admins” inquiry, yet rather just show ways starting from a possessed hub.
  • Show wave: Show just the hubs traded off in a chose wave. Valuable for concentrating in on recently undermined hubs.
  • Show delta for wave: Show all undermined hubs up to a chose wave, and will feature the hubs picked up in that wave. Valuable for picturing benefit gains as access extends.

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Mr Akuma | cyber security enthusiast |Secuirty Noob

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Akshay Jain

Akshay Jain

Mr Akuma | cyber security enthusiast |Secuirty Noob

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